Piloting Directions for the Gulf of Finland cover

Piloting Directions for the Gulf of Finland

John William Norie (1772-1843)

1. 1 - Description of the Towns &c., in the Gulf of Finland
2. 2 - Lists of Standing Beacons and Light-Houses
3. 3 - Directions for Sailing Up the Gulf of Finland
4. 4 - The Passage to the Southward of Hoogland, and to Narva, &c
5. 5 - From Hoogland to Aspo and Fredrickshamn
6. 6 - Observations by a Commander of a British Merchant-Ship
7. 7 - Regulations and Orders

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Norie's series of piloting and sailing directions was something of a staple in the chart-room of 19th century British (and other) merchant vessels. The description of landmarks and ports, as well as the rules and regulations provide another viewpoint to an earlier age. Please note that these piloting directions are rather completely out of date. They are given here for purposes of historical interest only, and should not be used for navigation purposes.