Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc — Volume 2, e-text cover

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc — Volume 2, e-text

Mark Twain (1835-1911)

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PERSONAL RECOLLECTIONS OFJOAN OF ARC VOLUME 2 (of 2)by Mark TwainPERSONAL RECOLLECTIONS OF JOAN OF ARC by The Sieur Louis De Conte (her page and secretary)In Two Volumes Freely translated out of the ancient French into modern English from the original unpublished manuscript in the National Archives of FranceContents PERSONAL RECOLLECTIONS OF JOAN OF ARC BOOK II IN COURT AND CAMP (Continued)28 Joan Foretells Her Doom29 Fierce Talbot Reconsiders30 The Red Field of Patay31 France Begins to Live Again32 The Joyous News Flies Fast33 Joan's Five Great Deeds34 The Jests of the Burgundians35 The Heir of France is Crowned36 Joan Hears News from Home37 Again to Arms38 The King Cries "Forward!"39 We Win, But the King Balks40 Treachery Conquers Joan41 The Maid Will March No More BOOK III TRIAL AND MARTYRDOM1 The Maid in Chains2 Joan Sold to the English3 Weaving the Net About Her4 All Ready to Condemn5 Fifty Experts Against a Novice6 The Maid Baffles Her Persecutors7 Craft That Was in Vain8 Joan Tells of Her Visions9 Her Sure Deliverance Foretold10 The Inquisitors at Their Wits' End11 The Court Reorganized for Assassination12 Joan's Master Stroke Diverted13 The Third Trial Fails14 Joan Struggles with Her Twelve Lies15 Undaunted by Threat of Burning16 Joan Stands Defiant Before the Rack17 Supreme in Direst Peril18 Condemned Yet Unafraid19 Our Last Hopes of Rescue Fail20 The Betrayal21 Respited Only for Torture22 Joan Gives the Fatal Answer23 The Time Is at Hand24 Joan the Martyr CONCLUSIONBOOK II IN COURT AND CAMP (Continued)28 Joan Foretells Her DoomTHE TROOPS must have a rest. Two days would be allowed for this. The morning of the 14th I was writing from Joan's dictation in a small room which she sometimes used as a private office when she wanted to get away from officials and their interruptions. Catherine Boucher came in and sat down and said:"Joan, dear, I want you to talk to me...