Perfect Behavior cover

Perfect Behavior

Donald Ogden Stewart

1. 00 - Introduction
2. 01 - The Etiquette of Courtship
3. 02 - The Etiquette of Engagements and Weddings
4. 03 - The Etiquette of Travel
5. 04 - At the Concert and the Opera
6. 05 - Etiquette for Dry Agents
7. 06 - A Chapter for Schoolgirls
8. 07 - The Etiquette of Games and Sports
9. 08 - Correspondence and Invitations
10. 09 - The Etiquette of Dinners and Balls

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A humorous guide to manners and etiquette for ladies and gentlemen in a social "crises," published in 1922. (Introduction by Samanem)


Kathy Gervascio

- Perfect Behavior

Very enjoyable....great reader!...I know I will listen to this again.

Mark T

- superb voice

The voice on this person – (Dennis Smith) is superb and makes the book much more enjoyable than someone else who may not understand the use of a well placed pause - or change of inflection.