Peggy's Trial cover

Peggy's Trial

Mary Knight Potter (?-1915)

1. 01 - A Disappointment
2. 02 - The Party
3. 03 - Cora May's Trouble
4. 04 - The New Pupil
5. 05 - A Race For Life
6. 06 - Friends For Ever
7. 07 - A Hint Of Dreadful Trouble
8. 08 - The Trial Has Come
9. 09 - Running Away From Home
10. 10 - The Rescue and Return
11. 11 - The Stepmother and Peggy's Thanksgiving

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Ten-year old Peggy Clayton and her two younger brothers, Teddy and Harry, live with their father, Dr. Clayton, and Nurse, a woman who has taken care of them since the death of their mother when Peggy was five. Peggy is a sweet and kind little girl with a big imagination and a great sense of fun. Peggy's Trial follows her adventures with her friends at school, the mischief she and her brothers cause poor old Nurse, and even Peggy’s being chased by a bull. But nothing can prepare Peggy, Teddy and Harry when they fear they may lose their beloved father to a stepmother.