Peggy Raymond's Vacation (or Friendly Terrace Transplanted) cover

Peggy Raymond's Vacation (or Friendly Terrace Transplanted)

Harriet Lummis Smith

1. Chapter One: The Exodus
2. Chapter Two: A Cottage Re-Christened
3. Chapter Three: Getting Acquainted
4. Chapter Four: A Study In Natural History
5. Chapter Five: A Safe And Sane Fourth
6. Chapter Six: The Picnic
7. Chapter Seven: The Cottage Besieged
8. Chapter Eight: Hobo To The Rescue
9. Chapter Nine: Ruth In The Rôle of Heroine
10. Chapten Ten: Mrs. Snooks Education
11. Chapter Eleven: Dorothy Gets Into Mischief
12. Chapter Twelve: The New Lucy
13. Chapter Thirteen: A Benefit Performance
14. Chapter Fourteen: Aunt Abigail Is Mislaid
15. Chapter Fifteen: Priscilla's Looking-Glass
16. Chapter Sixteen: Peggy Makes A Speech
17. Chapter Seventeen: A Plain Talk
18. Chapter Eighteen: The Castaways
19. Chapter Nineteen: The Rescue
20. Chapter Twenty: Home Sweet Home

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    Sequel to The Girls of Friendly Terrace (or Peggy Raymond's Success). As the summer opens the girls fan themselves on the porch, wishing for a get away. As it happens, opportunity knocks, leading them into a country vacation along with a few more members to the party.