Paula the Waldensian cover

Paula the Waldensian

Eva Lecomte

1. 1-01 - An Unexpected Letter
2. 1-02 - Memories
3. 1-03 - Paula Arrives
4. 1-04 - Paula's Treasures
5. 1-05 - Louis' Watch
6. 1-06 - In The Midst of Darkness
7. 1-07 - Catalina's Illness
8. 1-08 - The Five Franc Piece
9. 1-09 - A Little Glimpse Of Heaven
10. 1-10 - In the Country
11. 1-11 The Cat Mother
12. 1-12 A Treasure Restored
13. 1-13 - The School-Teacher and Her Brother
14. 2-01 - Several Years Later
15. 2-02 - The Breton
16. 2-03 - Saved!
17. 2-04 - The Young School-Mistress
18. 2-05 - The Night School
19. 2-06 - The House of God
20. 2-07 - In His Presence

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Into the home of an interesting but self-centered family in old France comes Paula, a young orphaned cousin, from the little village of Villar, in the Waldensian Valley. Though living very simply, tending cows, goats, sheep and rabbits, Paula has been brought up to know and love the Lord Jesus and read the Scriptures. Her Lord and His Word are the center of her life, and she can no more keep this good news all to herself than she can stop breathing or eating. This causes a good many complications, for her cousins' home was one where "religion" was a forbidden subject, never to be mentioned, and Paula soon found herself forbidden to read her own precious Bible.Paula's loving obedience, her happy friendliness and charm, her overflowing love for everyone she meets, win the hearts of all, family and neighbors alike, and cause many a change in that little French village on the road from Rouen to Darnetal.This book was originally written in French, Translated into Spanish, and then into English.


Rose M

- good story

I really appreciate this story. Paula is an orphaned Waldensian girl that goes to live with her Uncle and his family. She's faithful and virtuous despite her Uncle's disdain for her faith. Through her years of kindness toward her new family she slowly wins them over. The story is a good introduction to the Waldensian faith. The one criticism is that Paula is perhaps a little too perfect for a child, somewhat reminiscent of Heidi. Overall, it's a very nice story.