Over The Plum Pudding cover

Over The Plum Pudding

John Kendrick Bangs (1862-1922)

1. 00 Dedication and Explanation
2. 01 "Over The Plum-pudding"
3. 02 Bills, M.D.; A Christmas Ghost I Have Met
4. 03 The Flunking Of Watkins's Ghost
5. 04 An Unmailed Letter; Being A Christmas Tale Of Some Significance
6. 05 The Almalgamed Brotherhood Of Spooks; A Letter To The Editor
7. 06 A Glance Ahead; Being A Christmas Tale Of A.D. 3668
8. 07 Hans Pumpernickel's Vigil
9. 08 The Affliction Of Baron Humpfelhimmel
10. 09 A Great Composer
11. 10 How Fritz Became A Wizard
12. 11 Rise And Fall Of The Poet Gregory
13. 12 A Tale Of A Pirate Ghost, Found Floating In A Water-bottle

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Great Caesar’s ghost and shades of A Christmas Carol! Stories – some ghostly, some Christmas, some humorous, some all three -- twelve of them by a master story teller and humorist of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.