Outdoor Girls of Deepdale cover

Outdoor Girls of Deepdale

Laura Lee Hope

1. A Fluttering Paper
2. The Tramping Club
3. Jealousies
4. A Taunt
5. Amy's Mystery
6. The Leaky Boat
7. To the Rescue
8. Closing Days
9. Off On the Tour
10. On the Wrong Road
11. The Barking Dog
12. At Aunt Sallie's
13. The Missing Lunch
14. The Broken Rail
15. "It's a Bear!"
16. The Deserted House
17. In Charge
18. Relieved
19. A Little Lost Girl
20. The Boy Peddler
21. The Letter
22. A Perilous Leap
23. The Man's Story
24. By Telegraph
25. Back Home

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The Outdoor Girls of Deepdale was the first book in a long-running series centering around four girls: Betty Nelson, Mollie Billette, Amy Stonington, and Grace Ford. The girls go on many exciting adventures and solve mysteries. In this book the girls go on a long walking tour and in the process find a hundred dollar bill. Who owns the money and why is such a mysterious note attached? (Introduction by Elizabeth Wilcox)