Orange-Yellow Diamond cover

Orange-Yellow Diamond

Joseph Smith Fletcher (1863-1935)

1. Cast of Readers
2. The Pretty Pawnbroker
3. Mrs. Goldmark's Eating-House
4. The Dead Man
5. The Platinum Solitaire
6. The Two Letters
7. The Spanish Manuscript
8. The Member of Parliament
9. The Inquest
10. Whose Were Those Rings?
11. Melky Intervenes
12. The Back Door
13. The Friend From Peebles
14. The Call For Help
15. The Private Laboratory
16. Conference
17. The Detective Calls
18. What the Lamps Shone On
19. Mr. Stuyvesant Guyler
20. Purdie Stands Firm
21. The Parslett Affair
22. What Manner of Death?
23. Mr. Killick Goes Back
24. Mr. Killick's Opinion
25. The Orange-Yellow Diamond
26. The Dead Man's Property
27. The Rat
28. The Empty House
29. The £500 Bank Note
30. Mr. Mori Yada
31. The Mortuary
32. The Mirandolet Theory
33. One O'Clock Midnight
34. Secret Work
35. Baffled
36. Yada Takes Charge
37. Pilmansey's Tea Rooms
38. Chang Li
39. The Jew and The Jap
40. The Diamond Necklace

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- review

Very well read, some twists and turns that keep the reader interested.


- Orange-yellow diamond

once you get past the introduction of the readers....enjoyable one or two readers are overly dramatic...but that doesn't spoil the story