One of My Sons cover

One of My Sons

Anna Katharine Green (1864-1935)

1. The Child, and What She Led Me Into
2. The Young Doctor and the Old
3. What a Door Hid
4. 'He Drank it Alone'
5. Hope
6. A Happy Inspiration
7. The Elderly Gentleman by the Newel-Post
8. The Man Behind the Screen
9. The Clock that had Run Down
10. The Pencil
11. Something to Think About
12. Gossip
13. Indications
14. A Sudden Turn
15. The Missing Pocket
16. In the Parlour at Mrs. Penrhyn's
17. The Monogram
18. The Phial
19. I Make My First Move
20. The Little House in New Jersey
21. Mille-Fleurs
22. A Disagreeable Hour with a Disagreeable Man
23. In My Office
24. An Old Catastrophe is Recalled
25. A Summons
26. Ferry Lights
27. Rain
28. By the Light of a Guttering Candle
29. The Quiet Hour
30. An Unexpected Ally
31. Sweetwater Has an Idea
32. With the Shade Down
33. In Which We Can Pardon Mr. Gryce His Unfortunate Illness
34. 'It Was the Shock!'
35. Roses

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    A young girl frantically summons a gentleman walking by on the street to come in and help her grandfather. Arthur Outhwaite answers her cry for help only to find himself as the last person to see her grandfather alive and left with the admonishment from the dying man to deliver a letter to someone, and to that person only. Unfortunately, he dies before he can inform Outhwaite who that particular person is. Being in a house of strangers, Outhwaite is thrust into the mystery of not only finding this unknown person, but is also faced with the mysterious circumstances under which the child's grandfather died.