The One-Hoss Shay cover

The One-Hoss Shay

Oliver Wendell Holmes

1. 0 - Preface
2. 1 - The Deacon's Masterpiece or The Wonderful One-Hoss Shay
3. 2 - How the Old Horse Won the Bet
4. 3 - The Broomstick Train

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This is a small collection of whimsical poems by the American physician and author Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. "The Deacon's Masterpiece" describes the "logical" outcome of building an object (in this case, a two-wheeled carriage called a shay) that has no weak points. The economic term "one hoss shay," referring to a certain model of depreciation, derives its name from this poem. "How the Old Horse Won the Bet" is a lighthearted look at a horse race. Finally, "The Broomstick Train" is a wonderfully Halloween-y explanation of how an electric tram really works.