On Our Selection cover

On Our Selection

Steele Rudd (1868-1935)

1. Preface
2. Starting The Selection
3. Our First Harvest
4. Before We Got The Deeds
5. When The Wolf Was At The Door
6. The Night We Watched For Wallabies
7. Good Old Bess
8. Cranky Jack
9. A Kangaroo Hunt From Shingle Hut
10. Dave's Snakebite
11. Dad And The Donovans
12. A Splendid Year For Corn
13. Kate's Wedding
14. The Summer Old Bob Died
15. When Dan Came Home
16. Our Circus
17. When Joe Was In Charge
18. Dad's "Fortune"
19. We Embark In The Bear Industry
20. Nell and Ned
21. The Cow We Bought
22. The Parson And The Scone
23. Callaghan's Colt
24. The Agricultural Reporter
25. A Lady At Shingle Hut
26. The Man With The Bear-Skin Cap
27. One Christmas

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The humorous account of Dad and Dave and the rest of the Rudd clan as they attempt to carve a farming 'selection' out of the Australian wilderness in spite of fire, famine, snakebite, and a loony hired hand.