Oldtown Fireside Stories cover

Oldtown Fireside Stories

Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896)

1. The Ghost In The Mill
2. The Sullivan Looking-Glass
3. The Minister's Housekeeper
4. The Widow's Bandbox
5. Captain Kidd's Money
6. Mis' Elderkins' Pitcher
7. The Ghost In The Cap'n Brown House
8. Colonel Eph's Shoe Buckles
9. The Bull-Fight
10. How To Fight The Devil
11. Laughin' In Meetin'
12. Tom Toothacre's Ghost Story
13. The Parson's Horse-Race
14. Old Town Fireside Talks Of The Revolution
15. A Student's Sea Story

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A sequel to Oldtown Folks, featuring some of the same characters, these are 15 charming short stories told by ole' Sam Lawson to entertain Horace and Bill, two impressionable, curious and clever young boys of Oldtown (a fictional 1850's New England village), during evenings gathered around the hearth, or roaming with Sam around the countryside. Stowe faithfully and masterfully captures many of the colloquial expressions, superstitions, beliefs, customs and habits of the period that have almost completely faded from modern American culture, as well as conveying many truths about the human condition that haven't changed a bit. ~