Old times on the Mississippi cover

Old times on the Mississippi

Mark Twain (1835-1910)

1. 1 - 'Cub' wants to be a Pilot
2. 2 - 'Cub' Pilot's Exprience; or, Learning the River
3. 3 - The Continued Perplexities of 'Cub' Piloting
4. 4 - The 'Cub' Pilot's Education nearly Completed
5. 5 - 'Sounding' Faculties Peculiarly Necessary to a Pilot
6. 6 - Official Rank and Dignity of a Pilot. The Rise and Decadence of the Pilot's Asociation
7. 7 - Leaving Port; Racing; Shortening of the River by Cut-offs; A Steamboar's Ghost; 'Stephen's' Plan of 'Resumption'
8. 8 - A Literary Nightmare

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Old Times on the Mississippi is a non-fiction work by Mark Twain. It was published in 1876. Originally published in serial form in the Atlantic Monthly, in 1875, this same work was published as chapters 4 through 17 in Twain's later work, Life on the Mississippi (1883). Old Times on the the Mississippi has one last chapter that has nothing to do with the rest of the book. A Literary Nightmare describes the funny/sad/maddening effect that a catchy jingle can have on those unlucky enough to be captured by one.