Old Rose and Silver cover

Old Rose and Silver

Myrtle Reed

1. Chapter 01: A Falling Star
2. Chapter 02: Welcome Home
3. Chapter 03: The Voice of The Violin
4. Chapter 04: The Crosby Twins
5. Chapter 05: An Afternoon Call
6. Chapter 6: The Light On The Altar
7. Chapter 7: Father And Son
8. Chapter 8: The Year's At The Spring
9. Chapter 9: A Knight Errant
10. Chapter 10: Sweet And Twenty
11. Chapter 11: Keeping The Faith
12. Chapter 12: An Enchanted Hour
13. Chapter 13: White Gloves
14. Chapter 14: The Thirtieth of June
15. Chapter 15: How She Will Come To Me
16. Chapter 16: How Isabel Came
17. Chapter 17: Penance
18. Chapter 18: Less Than Dust
19. Chapter 19: Over The Bar
20. Chapter 20: Risen From The Dead
21. Chapter 21: Saved--And Lost
22. Chapter 22: A Birthday Party
23. Chapter 23: "Tears, Idle Tears"
24. Chapter 24: The House Where Love Lived

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The novel follows the lives of Rose and her widowed Aunt, Madame Francesca Bernard, along with young visitor and cousin Isabel, whose lives are changed by the return of an old friend and neighbour Colonel Kent, and his grown son, Allison. Other characters that help shape their lives in significant ways are the Crosby twins, unconventional and uninhibited youths that set society at naught, and an unconventional doctor who specializes in the impossible. Through the limited "wide-scope" descriptions the reader is not sure of the historical setting or even in which decade it's set, but it helps to understand the focus of the story; after all it's about their own little world, and how their own hearts and lives fit together in the tight confines of their town, their garden, their friendships and lives.



Rather ridiculous at the end and the reader is a bit annoying when speaking in a male voice.

Sentimental and enjoyable love story where every one is happy at the end. The reading is okay, except the French words, such as sachet, are mispronounced and jarring to the ear.