Notes of a War Correspondent cover

Notes of a War Correspondent

Richard Harding Davis (1864-1916)

1. 01 - The Cuban-Spanish War: The Death of Rodriguez
2. 02 - The Greek-Turkish War: The Battle of Velestinos
3. 03 - The Spanish-American War: The Rough Riders at Guasimas
4. 04 - The Spanish-American War: The Battle of San Juan Hill
5. 05 - The Spanish-American War: The Taking of Coamo
6. 06 - The Spanish-American War: The Passing of San Juan Hill
7. 07 - With Buller's Column
8. 08 - The South African War: The Relief of Ladysmith
9. 09 - The South African War: The Night Before the Battle
10. 10 - The Japanese-Russian War: Battles I did not see
11. 11 - A War Correspondent's Kit

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Experiences and observations of the journalist in the Cuban-Spanish War, the Greek-Turkish War, the Spanish-American War, the South African War, and the Japanese-Russian War, accompanied by "A War Correspondent’s Kit."