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Susan Warner (1819-1885)

1. Who is She?
2. At the Breakfast Table
3. A Luncheon Party
4. Another Luncheon Party
5. In Council
6. Happiness
7. The Worth of Things
8. Mrs. Armadale
9. The Family
10. Lois's Garden
11. Summer Movements
12. Appledore
13. A Summer Hotel
14. Watched
15. Tactics
16. Mrs. Marx's Opinion
17. Tom's Decision
18. Mr. Dillwyn's Plan
19. News
20. Shampuashuh
21. Greville's memoirs
22. Learning
23. A Breakfast Table
24. The Carpenter
25. Roast Pig
26. Scruples
27. Peas and Radishes
28. The Lagoon of Venice
29. An Ox Cart
30. Poetry
31. Long Clams
32. A Visitor
33. The Value of Money
34. Under An Umbrella
35. Opinions
36. Two Sunday Schools
37. An Oyster supper
38. Breaking Up
39. Luxury
40. Attentions
41. Chess
42. Rules
43. About Work
44. Choosing a Wife
45. Duty
46. Off and On
47. Plans
48. Announcements
49. On the Pass

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There are many romantic tales about a handsome and rich man falling in love with a beautiful lower class woman over the objections of his family. Remember Elizabeth Bennett and Fitzwilliam Darcy? however, it takes more than a good woman to secure a man's happiness. He has to have mental strength. It is not certain that our hero, Tom, has that. Lois is a great woman. However, according to his sister, she is a "nobody." Does money and position control everything? Certainly not. Good people deserve to be happy. But only those who have enough strength to secure their happiness, on their own terms. A secondary plot involves Philip, another man who loves Lois, who discovers the love of God and becomes a better man. Not for the woman he loves, but for himself. Want to know if Tom overcomes his family's objections and married the love of his life? Want to read a lively book with an unforgettable and enchanting writing style? If you do, read the book.