The New Swiss Family Robinson cover

The New Swiss Family Robinson

Owen Wister (1860-1938)

1. 00 Preface To Second Edition and Prefatory Note
2. 01 Chapter 01 The Wreck -- The Arrival
3. 02 Chapter 02 Our Have, A Curious Animal, A Tropical Picnic
4. 03 Chapter 03 An Exploring Expedition, A Tiger, Franz's Accident, Strange Habits Of The Monkeys
5. 04 Chapter 04 Our Proposed New Abode, The Iguana, The Boilstone
6. 05 Chapter 05 We Build Our House, The Zebra, A Sail
7. 06 Chapter 06 The Arrival, Our Visitors, The Anaconda
8. 07 Chapter 07 For Better Or For Worse

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A parody of its famous predecessor, this short piece was written by Owen Wister for the Harvard Lampoon