A New England Girlhood: Outlined From Memory cover

A New England Girlhood: Outlined From Memory

Lucy Larcom (1824-1893)

1. 00 - Dedication and Preface
2. 01 - Up and down the Lane
3. 02 - Schoolroom and Meetinghouse
4. 03 - The Hymn-Book
5. 04 - Naughty Children and Fairy Tales
6. 05 - Old New England
7. 06 - Glimpses of Poetry
8. 07 - Beginning to Work
9. 08 - By the River
10. 09 - Mountain-Friends
11. 10 - Mill Girls' Magazines
12. 11 - Reading and Studying
13. 12 - From the Merrimak to the Mississippi

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Lucy Larcom was an American poet, teacher, and mil-worker. According to Wikipedia: "Larcom served as a model for the change in women's roles in society." This is her colorful autobiography. Here, she tells about her happy childhood, and her time working in the mill. Along the way, she speaks about topics like morality, independence, love and loss inside a family, a strong belief in god, and the effects of being poor. Fans of Gene Stratton Porter, Fanny Fern and Susan Warner, and Ella Wheeler Wilcox will be delighted with this book. Lucy's sunny personality makes this book a very uplifting and interesting read.