Native Races and the War cover

Native Races and the War

Josephine Butler (1828-1906)

1. Apology for yet another book
2. The causes of the war date far back
3. Livingstone
4. The Moffats
5. James D Stewart
6. Retrocession
7. Delegates in England
8. Boer Manifesto
9. Sir Bartle Freere
10. Gladstone
11. Boundaries
12. Grondwet
13. Boer Theology
14. War's Results

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Josephine Elizabeth Butler was a Victorian era British feminist who was strongly committed to liberal reforms. As a result of her efforts, international organisations including the International Abolitionist Federation were set up to campaign against state regulation of prostitution and the trafficking in women and children. This book reflects her abhorrence of slavery in all its forms and is particularly pertinent in our world of today.