National Nursery Book cover

National Nursery Book


1. Red Riding-Hood
2. Puss-in-Boots
3. Mother Hubbard
4. Cock Robin's Death
5. Jack and Bean-Stalk
6. Tom Thumb
7. Cinderella
8. The Three Bears
9. Punch and Judy.
10. The Pets
11. Nursery Songs
12. Nursery Rhymes

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"The Publishers offer in this little volume of well known and long loved stories to their young readers. The tales which have delighted the children of many generations will, they feel assured, be equally welcome in the nurseries of the present day, which, with the popularity and antiquity of the contents of the volume, justify them in styling it The National Nursery Book." Red Riding Hood, The Three Bears, Mother Hubbard, Cinderella and many other well known stories, poems, nursery rhymes and songs are included in this little book. Note that the Punch and Judy story does include a lot of gratuitous violence but then that is what Punch and Judy seem to be all about, eh?