Mystery of the Boule Cabinet cover

Mystery of the Boule Cabinet

Burton Egbert Stevenson (1872-1962)

1. A Connoisseur's Vagary
2. The First Tragedy
3. The Wounded Hand
4. The Thunderbolt
5. Grady Takes a Hand
6. The Woman in the Case
7. Rogers Gets a Shock
8. Precautions
9. Guesses at the Riddle
10. Preparations
11. The Burning Eyes
12. Godfrey is Frightened
13. A Distinguished Caller
14. The Veiled Lady
15. The Secret of the Unknown Frenchman
16. Philip Vantine's Caller
17. Enter M. Armand
18. I Part with the Boule Cabinet
19. "La Mort!"
20. The Escape
21. Godfrey Weaves a Romance
22. "Crochard, L'Invincible!"
23. We Meet M. Pigot
24. The Secret of the Cabinet
25. The Michaelovitch Diamonds
26. The Fate of M. Pigot
27. The Last Act of the Drama
28. Crochard Writes an Epilogue

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Three men are dead. Killed by a very powerful poison. Their deaths seem to be connected to a very old cabinet purchased in France and a notorious French criminal. What is the link? It is up to the lawyer Lester and the newspaperman Godfrey to pool their talents and solve the mystery.



Nice, interesting and amusing at times mystery. Good narrator also.