The Mysteries of Paris, Volume 6 of 6 cover

The Mysteries of Paris, Volume 6 of 6

Eugène Sue (1804-1857)

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Transcriber's Notes:1. Passages in italics are surrounded by underscores .2. Passages in Gothic Bold are surrounded by plus signs.3. Other transcription notes appear at the end of this e text. [Illustration: " Kneeling Down, Placed It on the Ground " Original Etching by Mercier] The Mysteries of Paris. ILLUSTRATED WITH ETCHINGS BY MERCIER, BICKNELL, POITEAU, AND ADRIAN MARCEL. BY EUGENE SUE IN SIX VOLUMES VOLUME VI. PRINTED FOR FRANCIS A. NICCOLLS & CO. BOSTON Edition de Luxe This edition is limited to one thousand copies, of which this is No. CONTENTS. CHAPTER PAGE I. PUNISHMENT 11 II. RODOLPH AND SARAH 44 III. LOVE'S FRENZY 68 IV. THE HOSPITAL 80 V. HOPE 108 VI. THE FATHER AND DAUGHTER 122 VII. THE MARRIAGE 141 VIII. BICÊTRE 152 IX. THE TOILET 183 X. MARTIAL AND THE CHOURINEUR 195 XI. THE FINGER OF PROVIDENCE 201 EPILOGUE. I. GEROLSTEIN 215 II. THE PRINCESS AMELIE 236 III. THE VOWS 262 IV. THE THIRTEENTH OF JANUARY 267 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS. PAGE "KNEELING DOWN PLACED IT ON THE GROUND" Frontispiece "WAS LOOKING AT HERSELF IN A MIRROR" 44 "THEY TOOK HER TO THEIR GUILTY HAUNTS" 65 "THE SCHOOLMASTER WAS SITTING ON A BENCH" 172 "IN THE CHURCH IN PRAYER" 264 THE MYSTERIES OF PARIS...