The Mysteries of Paris, Volume 5 of 6 cover

The Mysteries of Paris, Volume 5 of 6

Eugène Sue (1804-1857)

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Transcriber's Notes:1. Passages in italics are surrounded by underscores .2. Passages in Gothic Bold are surrounded by plus signs.3. Other transcription notes appear at the end of this e text. [Illustration: " 'Cecily! Cecily!' Murmured a Voice " Original Etching by Adrian Marcel] The Mysteries of Paris. ILLUSTRATED WITH ETCHINGS BY MERCIER, BICKNELL, POITEAU, AND ADRIAN MARCEL. BY EUGENE SUE IN SIX VOLUMES VOLUME V. PRINTED FOR FRANCIS A. NICCOLLS & CO. BOSTON Edition de Luxe This edition is limited to one thousand copies, of which this is No. CONTENTS. CHAP. PAGE I. THE PRESENTATION 11 II. MURPHY AND POLIDORI 35 III. THE CLERK'S OFFICE 57 IV. AVOID TEMPTATION 69 V. LA FORCE 99 VI. PIQUE VINAIGRE 114 VII. MAÎTRE BOULARD 139 VIII. FRANÇOIS GERMAIN 148 IX. THE LIONS' DEN 169 X. THE STORY TELLER 193 XI. GRINGALET AND CUT IN HALF 211 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS. PAGE "'CECILY! CECILY!' MURMURED A VOICE" Frontispiece "SLOWLY DANCING AND WHIRLING AROUND ME" 26 "THEN LEFT ME" 126 "TOUCHED WITH HIS LIPS THROUGH THE GRATING" 167 "THE SKELETON STAGGERED AT FIRST" 243 THE MYSTERIES OF PARIS. CHAPTER I.THE PRESENTATION. A few days after the murder of Madame Séraphin, the death of the Chouette, and the arrest of the gang of desperadoes taken by surprise at Bras Rouge's house, Rodolph paid another visit to the house in the Rue du Temple...