The Mysteries of Paris, Volume 2 of 6 cover

The Mysteries of Paris, Volume 2 of 6

Eugène Sue (1804-1857)

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Transcriber's Notes:1. Passages in italics are surrounded by underscores .2. Passages in Gothic Bold are surrounded by plus signs.3. Other transcription notes appear at the end of this e text. [Illustration: " He Took from the Bed a Large Plaid Shawl " Etching by Adrian Marcel, after the drawing by Frank T. Merrill] The Mysteries of Paris. ILLUSTRATED WITH ETCHINGS BY MERCIER, BICKNELL, POITEAU, AND ADRIAN MARCEL. BY EUGENE SUE IN SIX VOLUMES VOLUME II. PRINTED FOR FRANCIS A. NICCOLLS & CO. BOSTON EDITION DE LUXE. Limited to One Thousand Copies. No. CONTENTS. CHAPTER PAGE I. THE BALL 11 II. THE RENDEZVOUS 36 III. AN IDYL 61 IV. THE AMBUSCADE 74 V. THE RECTORY HOUSE 88 VI. THE RENCOUNTER 99 VII. AN EVENING AT THE FARM 105 VIII. THE DREAM 150 IX. THE LETTER 159 X. THE HOLLOW WAY 195 XI. CLÉMENCE D'HARVILLE 201 XII. MISERY 256 XIII. JUDGMENT AND EXECUTION 286 XIV. RIGOLETTE 310 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS. PAGE "HE TOOK FROM THE BED A LARGE PLAID SHAWL" Frontispiece "AT LENGTH ALIGHTED ON HER SHOULDER" 66 "'SO I HAVE BROUGHT TURK WITH ME'" 97 "'YOU MUST GIVE ME LEAVE'" 208 THE MYSTERIES OF PARIS...