Mother West Wind "How" Stories cover

Mother West Wind "How" Stories

Thornton W. Burgess (1874-1965)

1. How Old King Eagle Won His White Head
2. How Old Mr. Mink Taught Himself to Swim
3. How Old Mr. Toad Learned to Sing
4. How Old Mr. Crow Lost His Double Tongue
5. How Howler the Wolf Got His Name
6. How Old Mr. Squirrel Became Thrifty
7. How Lightfoot the Deer Learned to Jump
8. How Mr. Flying Squirrel Almost Got Wings
9. How Mr. Weasel Was Made an Outcast
10. How the Eyes of Old Mr. Owl Became Fixed
11. How It Happens Johnny Chuck Sleeps All Winter
12. How Old Mr. Otter Learned to Slide
13. How Drummer the Woodpecker Came by His Red Cap
14. How Old Mr. Tree Toad Found Out How To Climb
15. How Old Mr. Heron Learned Patience
16. How Tufty the Lynx Happens to Have a Stump of a Tail

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Peter Rabbit has many questions. How did Howler the Wolf get his name? How did Lightfoot the Deer learn to jump? How did Drummer the Woodpecker come by his red cap? When Peter asks Grandfather Frog, Grandfather Frog tells him a story of long ago. This book is a collection of those stories told by Grandfather Frog and many others.