Mother Stories cover

Mother Stories

Maud Lindsay (1874-1941)

1. Preface
2. The Wind's Work
3. Mrs. Tabby Gray
4. Fleet Wind and Sweet Voice
5. The Little Girl with the Light
6. The Little Gray Pony
7. How the Home was Built
8. The Little Traveler
9. The Open Gate
10. Inside the Garden Gate
11. The Journey
12. The Giant Energy & The Fairy Skill
13. The Search for a Good Child
14. The Closing Door
15. The Minstrel's Song
16. Dust Under the Rug
17. The Story of Gretchen
18. The King's Birthday

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"I have endeavored to write, for mothers and dear little children, a few simple stories, embodying some of the truths of Froebel's Mother Play...Most of these stories have been told and retold to little children, and are surrounded, in my eyes, by a halo of listening faces" from the Preface to Mother Stories by Maud Lindsay