The Midnight Passenger cover

The Midnight Passenger

Richard Henry Savage (1846-1903)

1. 01 - The Danube Picture
2. 02 - Tidings of Great Joy
3. 03 - In Magdal's Pharmacy
4. 04 - Under the Shadows of the Brooklyn Bridge
5. 05 - Breakers Ahead! Checkmate! Mr. Arthur Ferris Works in the Dark
6. 06 - Dreaming by the Sea
7. 07 - This May Be My Last Bank Deposit
8. 08 - The Strange Tug's Voyage
9. 09 - The Lightening Stroke of Fate
10. 10 - A Cruel Legacy
11. 11 - The Girl Bride's Rebellion
12. 12 - The Lonely Pursuer
13. 13 - On the Yacht Rambler
14. 14 - Irma Gluyas
15. 15 - Miss Worthington Shares Her Secret

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Randall Clayton was surrounded by enemies. His father’s business partner had looked after him in the years since his father’s death. But Hugh Worthington’s motives were not altruistic – he had a secret to hide and a scheme to bring to fruition that would make him millions at Clayton’s expense. Clayton’s roommate, Arthur Ferris, had his own schemes, including stealing the affections of Worthington’s daughter away from Clayton. Clayton worked for a pittance in New York, where he was watched day and night by Worthington’s spies, and by the ruthless Fritz Braun, who plotted to rob Clayton of the large deposit that he daily carried for his employer. It seemed that Jack Witherspoon was his only friend, the only one he could trust. But Jack was sailing for Europe and neither man fully comprehended the danger that was closing in on Randall.



- The Midnight Passenger

Exciting story from start, involving business, politic, love affair, murder/investigation..... Well narrated by Mary Anne Spiegel.


- The Midnight Passenger

A very involved story, took me a while to get into it but I was well rewarded, extremely well read by MaryAnn.