Mason-Bees cover


Jean-Henri Fabre (1823-1915)

1. Translator's Note
2. Chapter 1 - The Mason-Bees
3. Chapter 2 - Experiments
4. Chapter 3 - Exchanging the Nests
5. Chapter 4 - More Enquiries Into Mason-Bees
6. Chapter 5 - The Story of My Cats
7. Chapter 6 - The Red Ants
8. Chapter 7 - Some Reflections Upon Insect Psychology
9. Chapter 8 - Parasites
10. Chapter 9 - The Theory of Parasitism
11. Chapter 10 - The Tribulations of the Mason-Bee
12. Chapter 11 - The Leucopses

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This is more than a book about bees and their lives; the author talks about his cats, red ants, and insect psychology in general. Jean Henri Fabre also made waves in his native 19th Century France by insisting that girls be included in his science classes, so I dedicate this recording to certain young women who risk their lives or even the less important attentions of boys simply to learn.