Mary Marie cover

Mary Marie

Eleanor H. Porter (1868-1920)

1. 00 - Preface, Which Explains Things
2. 01 - I Am Born
3. 02 - Nurse Sarah's Story
4. 03 - The Break Is Made
5. 04 - When I Am Marie
6. 05 - When I Am Mary, part 1
7. 06 - When I Am Mary, part 2
8. 07 - When I Am Both Together
9. 08 - When I Am Neither One
10. 09 - Which Is The Real Love Story
11. 10 - Which Is The Test

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A charming 'coming of age' story about a young girl, Mary Marie, whose young life is thrown into turmoil as her parents divorce. As she leads two lives, she comes to realize that her parents still love one another, and engineers a reunion. In the end, we discover the long-lasting effect of this turmoil on the adult Mary Marie, and her own marriage."



The beginning reader was a bit annoying trying to sound like a 13 year old girl, but she didn't read all the book (thankfully) and basically the reading was good throughout. The story is pleasant and ends well.