Marriage at Sea cover

Marriage at Sea

William Clark Russell (1844-1911)

1. The Rue de la Maquetra
2. The Elopement
3. At Sea
4. Sweethearts in a Dandy
5. Dirty Weather
6. Sweethearts in a Storm
7. The Carthusian
8. Outward Bound
9. We Are Much Observed
10. A Singular Proposal
11. Grace Consents
12. A Marriage at Sea
13. The Mermaid
14. Homeward Bound
15. The End and Postscript

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Herbert Barclay is desperately in love with Grace Bellassys, but a number of factors stand in the way of their happiness, the biggest of which is the person of Lady Amelia Roscoe, Grace's guardian. Lady Amelia has several objections to the union, one of which is the fact that Herbert is not a Papist, and to separate the two young people, she has sent Grace to school in France. The two decide to elope, but this is just the start of the adventure...