Marcia Schuyler cover

Marcia Schuyler

Grace Livingston Hill (1865-1947)

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29. Chapter 29

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A compelling love triangle. Marcia is young & sweet. Her older sister Kate is vain & selfish. Marcia deeply admires the man that Kate is to marry: handsome & respected David Spafford. But on the eve of the wedding, Kate elopes with another man. Marcia is there when the note is found...the note that effectively breaks David's heart. Out of pity for his situation, Marcia offers to take Kate's place, in order to save David from humiliation. She grows in love for him, all the while aware that he's still grieving for his lost Kate. What will happen when Kate returns, fully intending to get David back? Will Marcia have the strength to fight for the man she now loves?


The first time that I listened to this book, I thought that the previous reviewers' comments were harsh. I have listened happily for a second time and want to thank the reader for their reading of this quaint, gentle story.


- Amazing Story!

this book is so good! I enjoyed it so much! I would give it 5 stars except for the reader isn't the best, but once you get used to her voice it's not that bad. such a good story though so its worth it!


I really wish I could listen to this book but the reader is terrible!! I have skipped entire chapters whenever I hear this lady!


I so badly want to listen to this book, but the reader's voice inflections make me crazy!!