Man Against the Sky: A Book of Poems cover

Man Against the Sky: A Book of Poems

Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869-1935)

1. Flammonde
2. The Gift of God
3. The Clinging Vine
4. Cassandra
5. John Gorham
6. Stafford's Cabin
7. Hillcrest
8. Old King Cole
9. Ben Jonson Entertains a Man from Stratford
10. Eros Turannos
11. Old Trails
12. The Unforgiven
13. Theophilus
14. Veteran Sirens
15. Siege Perilous
16. Another Dark Lady
17. The Voice of Age
18. The Dark House
19. The Poor Relation
20. The Burning Book
21. Fragment
22. Lisette and Eileen
23. Llewellyn and the Tree
24. Bewick Finzer
25. Bokardo
26. The Man against the Sky

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This is a volume of later Poetry by the famous American poet Edwin Arlington Robinson.