Main Street, and Other Poems cover

Main Street, and Other Poems

Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918)

1. Main Street
2. Roofs
3. The Snowman in the Yard
4. A Blue Valentine
5. Houses
6. In Memory
7. Apology
8. The Proud Poet
9. Lionel Johnson
10. Father Gerard Hopkins, S. J.
11. Gates and Doors
12. The Robe of Christ
13. The Singing Girl
14. The Annunciation
15. Roses
16. The Visitation
17. Multiplication
18. Thanksgiving
19. The Thorn
20. The Big Top
21. Queen Elizabeth Speaks
22. Mid-ocean in War-time
23. In Memory of Rupert Brooke
24. The New School
25. Easter Week
26. The Cathedral of Rheims
27. Kings
28. The White Ships and the Red

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This is a book of poems by Joyce Kilmer. It includes several of his religious poems and poems about World War I, in which the author himself lost his life in 1918.