The Mahabharata by Vyasa: the epic of ancient India condensed into English verse cover

The Mahabharata by Vyasa: the epic of ancient India condensed into English verse

Romesh C Dutt

1. 01 Book I. Astra Darsana (The Tournament)
2. 02 Book II. Swayamvara (The Bride's Choice)
3. 03 Book III. Rajasuya (The Imperial Sacrifice)
4. 04 Book IV. Dyuta (The Fatal Dice)
5. 05 Book V. Pativrata-Mahatmya (Woman's Love)
6. 06 Book VI. Go-Harana (Cattle-Lifting)
7. 07 Book VII. Udyoga (The Preparation)
8. 08 Book VIII. Bhishma-Badha (Fall of Bhishma)
9. 09 Book IX. Drona-Badha (Fall of Drona)
10. 10 Book X. Karna-Badha (Fall of Karna)
11. 11 Book XI. Sraddha (Funeral Rites)
12. 12 Book XII. Aswa-Medha (Sacrifice of the Horse)
13. 13 Conclusion
14. 14 Translator's epilogue
15. 15 Glossary of Sanscrit words

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The Mahabharata is one of the two major Sanskrit epics of ancient India. Traditionally, the authorship of the Mahabharata is attributed to Vyasa. With more than 74,000 verses, Mahabharata is said to be the longest poem. Mahabharata tells the story of the epic Kurukshetra War and the fates of the cousin brothers Kauravas and the Pandavas. But more than that the Mahabharata contains much philosophical and devotional material, such as a discussion of the four "goals of life" or 'purusharthas'. The latter are enumerated as dharma (right action), artha (purpose), kama (pleasure), and moksha (liberation). (Introduction by om123)



- Difficult

I'm disappointed to say, like others, that the narration is quite difficult to navigate. The reader's voice is in a low register with a heavy accent - but I'm not sure that's the only problem. I think the reader is too close to the microphone, and that is causing distortion. I wish this issue would have been caught early-on in the process. I'm wondering if some digital reprocessing would make this recording more accessible. I would like to compliment the reader, however, I'm sure this was a lot of work - and though challenging to understand, obviously the he has mastery of the material.


The man reading the story is very difficult to understand, strong accent and flat :( Too bad. I was really excited to find this free version, not a good reading.


- The Reader...

Horrible congestion on the part of the reader. Uncomfortable to listen to. Sounds like someone holding a child's nose and asking them to speak!