The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People cover

The Surprising Adventures of the Magical Monarch of Mo and His People

L. Frank Baum

1. 00 - The Preface
2. 01 - The First Surprise: The Beautiful Valley of Mo
3. 02 - The Second Surprise: The Strange Adventures of the King's Head
4. 03 - The Third Surprise: The Tramp Dog and the Monarch's Lost Temper
5. 04 - The Fourth Surprise: The Peculiar Pains of Fruit Cake Island
6. 05 - The Fifth Surprise: The Monarch Celebrates His Birthday
7. 06 - The Sixth Surprise: King Scowleyow and His Cast-Iron Man
8. 07 - The Seventh Surprise: Timtom and the Princess Pattycake
9. 08 - The Eighth Surprise: The Bravery of Prince Jollikin
10. 09 - The Ninth Surprise: The Wizard and the Princess
11. 10 - The Tenth Surprise: The Duchess Bredenbutta's Visit to Turvyland
12. 11 - The Eleventh Surprise- Prince Fiddlecumdoo and the Giant
13. 12 - The Twelfth Surprise: The Land of the Civilized Monkeys
14. 13 - The Thirteenth Surprise- The Stolen Plum-Pudding
15. 14 - The Fourteenth Surprise- The Punishment of the Purple Dragon

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The Magical Monarch of Mo is a set of stories about the titular king, his queen, and his royal children. The stories are uproariously funny, dealing with topics as absurd as a man losing his temper who then tries to find it, an evil midget who steals a princess's big toe, and an entire city filled with highly civilized monkeys! Join the Monarch and all his friends for a rollicking adventure, filled with fun for the whole family!



- book

The book is nice


- Review

I'm sorry but this young lady is impossible to understand! Please have someone else read it. I would love to hare it then.


- Chapter 1

I find the accent, intonation, and speed of the reader of Chapter 1 to be a combination difficult on the ears.