Madame Butterfly cover

Madame Butterfly

John Luther Long (1861-1927)

1. 1 Chapters 1 - 3
2. 2 Chapters 4 - 6
3. 3 Chapters 7 - 8
4. 4 Chapters 9 - 11
5. 5 Chapters 12 - 15

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Madame Butterfly is the story of the young Japanese girl Cho-Cho San, who marries a flighty American naval officer, and is thenceforth outcast from her relatives. Anxiously she awaits the return of her beloved husband, but when he finally anchors in the harbour, Cho-Cho San does not get the happy ending she was hoping for. This short story by John Luther Long has inspired Giacomo Puccini to write the opera of the same name. (Introduction by Availle)



I find the attempt to try and read English in an Asian accent really unnecessary. It really ruins the book.