The Lure of the Labrador Wild cover

The Lure of the Labrador Wild

Dillon Wallace (1863-1939)

1. 00 - Preface 1 and 2
2. 01 - The Object Of The Expedition
3. 02 - Off At Last
4. 03 - On The Edge Of The Wilderness
5. 04 - The Plunge Into The Wild
6. 05 - Still In The Awful Valley
7. 06 - Searching For A Trail
8. 07 - On A Real River At Last
9. 08 - Michikamau or Bust!
10. 09 - And There Was Michikamau!
11. 10 - Prisoners Of The Wind
12. 11 - We Give It Up
13. 12 - The Beginning Of The Retreat
14. 13 - Hubbard's Grit
15. 14 - Back Through The Ranges
16. 15 - George's Dream
17. 16 - At The Last Camp
18. 17 - The Parting
19. 18 - Wandering Alone
20. 19 - The Kindness Of The Breeds
21. 20 - How Hubbard Went To Sleep
22. 21 - From Out The Wild
23. 22 - A Strange Funeral Procession
24. 23 - Over The Ice
25. 24 - Hubbard's Message

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The Lure Of The Labrador Wild is a account of a expedition by Leonidas Hubbard, an adventurer and journalist to canoe the system Naskaupi River - Lake Michikamau in Labrador and George River in Quebec. His companions on this journey were his friend, New York lawyer Dillon Wallace and an Indian guide from Missannabie, George Elson. From the start, the expedition was beset with mistakes and problems. Instead of ascending the Naskaupi River, by mistake they followed the shallow Susan Brook. After hard long portaging and almost reaching Lake Michikamau, with food supplies running out, on September 15 at Windbound lake, they decided to turn back. On October 18, Wallace and Elson went in a search of cached store of flour, leaving Hubbard behind in a tent. Hubbard died of exhaustion and starvation on either same or next day. Wallace got lost in the snowstorm, while Elson, after a week of bushwhacking, building raft to cross swollen rivers (with no ax), reached the nearest occupied cabin. A search party found Wallace alive on October 30, 1903.(


Peter Boswell

- The Lure of the Labrador wild

Very good narrator, a pleasure to listen to. Combined with a great story. Thank you!

Peter Boswell

- The Lure of the Labrador wild

Great story very well read, really enjoyed it all the way through. Great narrator.