Lulu, Alice and Jimmie Wibblewobble cover

Lulu, Alice and Jimmie Wibblewobble

Howard R. Garis (1873-1962)

1. Lulu Wibblewobble Stuck in the Mud
2. Jimmy Wibblewobble in an Auto
3. Alice Wibblewobble's New Bonnet
4. Jimmie and the Waterfall
5. A Visit to Billie Bushytail
6. Jimmie as a Flying Machine
7. Lulu and the Gold Fish
8. Who the Fairy Prince Was
9. Grandfather Goosey-Gander in Trouble
10. The Rooster Tries to Swim
11. Alice Wibblewobble's Enchanted Castle
12. A Visit to Grandpa Wibblewobble
13. A Visit from Aunt Lettie
14. Lulu and the Pussy Willows
15. Playing a Ball Game
16. The Wibblewobble Home on Fire
17. How the Fairy Prince was Caught
18. The Fairy Prince Does a Magic Trick
19. The Rats Who Took the Eggs
20. How Jimmie Stood On His Head
21. Lulu and Aunt Lettie
22. How Alice Cut her Foot
23. Jimmie in a Tall Tree
24. The Wibblewobble's Party
25. Lulu and the Golden Fairy
26. Jimmie and the Black Cow
27. Alice and the Puppy Dogs
28. Jimmie and Jackie Bow Wow
29. Grandfather Goose-Gander's Tall Hat
30. Jimmie Wibblewobble's Kite
31. Alice Wibblewobble in a Bag

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The Wibblewobble family of ducks appear in a series of 31 bedtime stories - one for each day of the month - written by Howard R. Garis. Each story is an adventure featuring the ducks and their neighbors, including Uncle Wiggily Longears, the famous old gentleman rabbit with rheumatism.