Lost Man's Lane cover

Lost Man's Lane

Anna Katharine Green (1864-1935)

1. A visit from Mr. Gryce
2. I am tempted
3. I succumb
4. A ghostly interior
5. A strange household
6. A sombre evening
7. The first night
8. On the stairs
9. A new acquaintance
10. Secret instructions
11. Men, women, and ghosts
12. The phantom coach
13. Gossip
14. I forget my age, or, rather, remember it
15. Lucetta fulfils my expectation of her
16. Loreen
17. The flower parlor
18. The second night
19. A knot of crape
20. Questions
21. Mother Jane
22. The third night
23. Room 3, Hotel Carter
24. The enigma of numbers
25. Trifles, but not trifling
26. A point gained
27. The text witnesseth
28. An intrusion
29. In the cellar
30. Investigation
31. Strategy
32. Relief
33. Lucetta
34. Conditions
35. The dove
36. An hour of startling experiences
37. I astonish Mr. Gryce and he astonishes me
38. A few words
39. Under a crimson sky
40. Explanations
41. Epilogue

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    After several people apparently vanish into thin air while walking along the same country road, New York detective Mr Gryce calls on the skills of Miss Amelia Butterworth to help him solve this most puzzling crime. The author of Lost Man’s Lane, Anna Katharine Green, has been described as the first female American writer of detective stories.