The Lost House cover

The Lost House

Richard Harding Davis (1864-1916)

1. 1 - Chapter I, Part 1
2. 2 - Chapter I, Part 2
3. 3 - Chapter II, Part 1
4. 4 - Chapter II, Part 2
5. 5 - Chapter III, Part 1
6. 6 - Chapter III, Part 2

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Austin Ford, the London correspondent of the New York Republic, is spending some idle time in the American Embassy chatting with the Second Secretary, when suddenly a note is brought in. This note is an appeal for help, found in the gutter in a dark alley. The writer claims to be a young girl, who is kept against her will locked up in a lunatic asylum by her uncle. Although the Second Secretary tries to convince him that there is nothing to it, the journalist is determined to follow the lead...



- voice

Could not get past 1st chapter.


- Good short story

A good short story and well read. Enjoyable listening to.


- The Lost House

The story is good and worth listening to even though the narrator 'Carolin' has what I found an annoying style/accent.