Little Meg's Children cover

Little Meg's Children

Hesba Stretton (1832-1911)

1. Motherless
2. Little Meg as a Mourner
3. Little Meg's Cleaning Day
4. Little Meg's Treat to her Children
5. Little Meg's Neighbour
6. Little Meg's Last Money
7. Little Meg's Disappointment
8. Little Meg's Red Frock in Pawn
9. Little Meg's Friends in Need
10. Little Meg as Charwoman
11. Little Meg's Baby
12. The end of Little Meg's Trouble
13. Little Meg's Father
14. Little Meg's Farewell

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This is the touching and endearing story of Little Meg and her trials and difficulties as she does her best to look after 'her children' after their mother dies. Father is away at sea and is expected every day, but when father's ship comes in he is not aboard! With the help of her new friend and neighbour Kitty, she finds out that he was 'took bad' on the other side of the world, who knows when or if he will ever make it back. Meanwhile, Little Meg must take care of Robby and baby. There are better days and worse days. There is the wonderful trip to Temple Gardens and the difficult process of pawning away their best clothes so Meg can buy food and coal. But through everything, Meg's simple childlike faith in God carries her through as each of her prayers are faithfully answered and a happy ending comes in sight! ( fiddlesticks)



Oh my gosh! This reader sounds like a robot, I couldn't get past the first few minutes, just terrible! Sorry I am unable to rate the actual story