Little Masterpieces of American Wit and Humor Vol 1 cover

Little Masterpieces of American Wit and Humor Vol 1


1. Introduction
2. Wouter Van Twiller
3. Wilhelmus Kieft
4. Peter Stuyvesant
5. Antony Van Corlear
6. General Van Poffenburgh
7. Maxims
8. Model of a Letter of Recommendation of a Person You Are Unacquainted with
9. Epitaph for Himself by Benjamin Franklin
10. Why He Left
11. Nothing to Wear
12. A Boy's Essay on Girls
13. Deacon Marble
14. The Deacon's Trout
15. The Dog Noble and the Empty Hole
16. Old Grimes
17. Identified
18. One Better
19. My Aunt
20. Miss Albina McLush
21. A Smack in School
22. A Rendition
23. Fancy Diseases
24. Bailed Out
25. Seeking a Comet
26. Going to California
27. Mrs. Partington in Court
28. Miscellaneous
29. The Deacon's Masterpiece; or, the Wonderful 'One-hoss Shay'
30. Five Lives
31. The Owl-Critic
32. A Cause for Thanks
33. Little Breeches
34. Natral and Unnatral Aristokrats
35. The Yankee Recruit
36. My Summer in a Garden
37. Crowded
38. The Alarmed Skipper
39. The Wedding Journey
40. Foreign Correspondence
41. Our Sumatra Correspondence
42. Music-Pounding
43. Living in the Country
44. Love in a Cottage
45. A Case of Conscience
46. Hans Breitmann's Party
47. Tim Crane and the Widow
48. The Stammering Wife
49. He Rose to the Occasion
50. Polite
51. Lost, Strayed or Stolen
52. He Came to Pay
53. A Gentle Complaint
54. The Ballad of the Oysterman
55. A Pleasure Exertion
56. The Diamond Wedding
57. What Mr. Robinson Thinks
58. Music by the Choir
59. The Notorious Jumping Frog

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Volume 1 of a ten volume collection of amusing tales, observations and anecdotes by America's greatest wordsmiths. This work includes selections by such household favorites as Mark Twain, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Benjamin Franklin and Washington Irving.