Little Maid of Province Town cover

Little Maid of Province Town

Alice Turner Curtis (1863-?)

1. Anne Nelson
2. Anne Wins a Friend
3. Anne's Secret
4. Anne and the Wolf
5. Scarlet Stockings
6. Captured by Indians
7. Out to Sea
8. On the Island
9. The Castaways
10. Safe at Home
11. Captain Enos's Secrets
12. An Unexpected Journey
13. Anne Finds Her Father
14. A Candy Party
15. A Spring Picnic
16. The May Party
17. The Sloop, Peggy

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Plucky eight year old Anne Nelson, living in Provincetown on the tip of Cape Cod, is determined to bring the Revolutionary War to an end so that she can be reunited with her soldier father. Will she succeed in carrying an important message from Boston to Newburyport, warning the American troops to be prepared, or will she be caught by the English ships patrolling the harbor?