A Little Florida Lady cover

A Little Florida Lady

Dorothy C. Paine

1. 01- The Journey to Florida
2. 02- The New Home
3. 03- Beth’s First Fishing Lesson
4. 04- Visiting
5. 05- Walking On Stilts
6. 06- House Building
7. 07- Beth’s New Playfellow
8. 08- Learning To Swim
9. 09- The Little Dressmaker
10. 10- The Horse Race
11. 11- Don Meets A Sad Fate
12. 12- The Arrival of Duke
13. 13- Anxious Hours
14. 14- The Rescue

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This is the story of a little girl from New York who moves with her family to Florida in the late 19th Century. Parental warning: as this book was first published in 1903 and set in the American South, and although the author tries to be open-minded, please be aware that there are slang words used for African Americans.