Little Country Girl cover

Little Country Girl

Susan Coolidge (1835-1905)

1. 01 - On the "Eolus"
2. 02 - The First Evening
3. 03 - A Walk on the Cliffs
4. 04 - The Manual of Perfect Gentility
5. 05 - Down to Beaver Tail
6. 06 - A Talk about Shyness
7. 07 - Two Picnics
8. 08 - Bric-a-Brac
9. 09 - Perplexed
10. 10 - A Word Fitly Spoken
11. 11 - Five and One make Six

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Candace makes the first long trip of her young life alone. Everything is new, from the ocean views, to the fashionable people she encounters; from the museum-like home, to the unfamiliar cousins. How will she adapt to the new experiences and will she overcome the homesickness she feels? Will she adapt her country ways and enter society, or be an embarrassment to her fine relations? Etiquette and style can be learned; but kindness, common sense and a loving heart are inbred.