Little Cook Book for a Little Girl cover

Little Cook Book for a Little Girl

Caroline French Benton

1. Introduction
2. Part I: Cereals
3. Part I: Breakfast Eggs
4. Part I: Fish
5. Part I: Meats
6. Part I: Potatoes
7. Part I: Breads
8. Part I: Coffee
9. Part II: Recipes with White Sauce
10. Part II: Lunch Eggs
11. Part II: Other Lunch Recipes
12. Part II: Salads
13. Part II: Sweet Treats
14. Part II: Drinks
15. Part III: Soups
16. Part III: Vegetables
17. Part III: Desserts
18. Part III: Shortcakes
19. Part III: Gelatins
20. Part III: Pudding Sauces
21. Part III: Ice-creams and Ices
22. Part III: Cakes and Fillings
23. Part III: Additional Desserts
24. Part III: Pies
25. Part III: Candy
26. Part III: Margaret's School Luncheons

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Join Margaret, a little girl who really wants to learn how to properly cook and bake everything from seafood to cake, as she sets out to make all the recipes she can find from her family, friends and the rest of the world around her. A fun and informative cookbook with a light narrative!