The Little Colonel's House Party cover

The Little Colonel's House Party

Annie F. Johnston (1863-1931)

1. 01 - The Invitations Are Sent
2. 02 - "One Flew Into the Cuckoo's Nest"
3. 03 - "One Flew East"
4. 04 - "One Flew West"
5. 05 - Betty Reaches the "House Beautiful"
6. 06 - The Enchanted Necklace
7. 07 - Bits From Betty's Diary
8. 08 - The Gypsy Fortune Teller
9. 09 - Her Sacred Promise
10. 10 - Found Out
11. 11 - Some Stories and a Poem
12. 12 - A Pillow-Case Party
13. 13 - More Measles
14. 14 - A Long Night
15. 15 - "The Road of the Loving Heart"
16. 16 - A Feast of Lanterns

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Lloyd Sherman, the "Little Colonel", is a girl of eleven whose mother invites three other girls to spend a month with Lloyd in her beautiful home in Kentucky. The children come from very different homes, but fall into the new ways very readily. The account of their escapades will amuse young readers. A bit of disobedience on the part of one spoiled girl leads to something of a tragedy, in which Betty, the nicest of the children, is the sufferer.This series for girls from the early 1900’s, begun in “The Little Colonel”, and continued in “The Gate of the Giant Scissors” and “Two Little Knights of Kentucky”, is picked up again in this volume, with the return of several of the characters from those books.