The Little Colonel's Holidays cover

The Little Colonel's Holidays

Annie F. Johnston (1863-1931)

1. 01 - The Magic Kettle
2. 02 - The End of Summer
3. 03 - Back to the Cuckoo's Nest
4. 04 - To
5. 05 - A Time for Patience
6. 06 - Molly's Story
7. 07 - A Feast of Sails
8. 08 - Eugenia Joins the Search
9. 09 - Left Behind
10. 10 - Home-Lessons and Jack-O'-Lanterns
11. 11 - A Halloween Party
12. 12 - The Home of a Hero
13. 13 - The Day After Thanksgiving
14. 14 - Lloyd Makes a Discovery
15. 15 - A Happy Christmas
16. 16 - A Peep Into the Future

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    "What happened after the Little Colonel's house party?" they demand, and they send letters to the Valley by the score, asking "Did Betty go blind?" "Did the two little Knights of Kentucky ever meet Joyce again or find the Gate of the Giant Scissors?" Did the Little Colonel ever have any more good times at Locust, or did Eugenia ever forget that she too had started out to build a Road of the Loving Heart?It would be impossible to answer all these questions through the post-office, so that is why the magic kettle has been dragged from its hiding-place after all these years, and set a-boiling once more. Gather in a ring around it, all you who want to know, and pass your curious fingers through its wreaths. of rising steam. Now you shall see the Little Colonel and her guests of the house party in turn, and the bells shall ring for each a different song.This is the fifth book in the "Little Colonel" series for girls.