Little Colonel's Christmas Vacation cover

Little Colonel's Christmas Vacation

Annie F. Johnston (1863-1931)

1. Warwick Hall
2. 'The Old Girls' Welcome to the New'
3. An Excursion
4. 'Keep Tryst'
5. A Memory-Book and a Souvenir Spoon
6. Christmas Carols
7. Homeward Bound
8. A Picnic in the Snow
9. A Progressive Christmas Party
10. The Dungeon of Disapointment
11. In the Attic
12. Humdrum Days
13. In the Footsteps of Amanthis
14. 'Cinderella'
15. A Hard-Earned Pearl
16. 'Sweet-Sixteen'

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In this delightful story ”The Little Colonel's Christmas Vacation” by Annie Fellows Johnston the Little Colonel, Lloyd Sherman. together with her friends Betty, Kitty and Allison are starting the schoolyear at a new school, Warwick Hall, a Boardingschool for girls in Washington. They find it a wonderful and stimulating place, make many new friends and have many experiences and also adventures there. But Lloyd comes down with high fever shortly before Christmas, and while home on Christmas Vacation she almost breaks down, and the doctor says she must not go back to school but stay at home to regain her health.Lloyd is very, very disapointed at first but by and by finds that Lloydsboro Valley holds so much of interst and interesting people which she really didn't know or had noted before. During her forced Vacation she learns to see herself and people in a new light. She sets out to to help and to cheer people up, with some strange results to herself sometimes, but she is also the instrument of changing the life for some. When Spring comes her health is fully restored and she is turning sixteen, and at her Birthday a very astonishing letter arrives, and there it ends with the scene set for another story.